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Our clients

We typically work with private individuals, family trusts and charitable organisations. Characteristics of our clients include one or more of the following:

  • Those with accumulated savings that are looking to capture a fair market rate of return on their assets
  • Those with an existing investment portfolio who are interested in smarter methods of managing their wealth
  • Those willing to commit to a regular and meaningful regular savings plan, in order to establish an investment portfolio
  • Many of the individuals we work with are highly successful professionals who earn significant remuneration but have little time with which to manage their financial affairs
  • Other individuals are retired and wish to ensure that they receive robust advice regarding their retirement savings and future financial goals
  • Trustees want to ensure that they follow best practice when discharging their fiduciary duties. They seek a course of action that is prudent, efficient and justifiable.
  • All of our clients are willing to pay a fee to receive professional investment advice based on sound academic evidence. Access to institutional-level investment product costs and managed portfolios makes this investment worthwhile.

Ultimately we work with clients with whom we have a mutual respect and trust. Our strategies are designed to take form over several years and it is important that we interact proactively with each other over the course of our relationship.

We have provided testimonials and a case study that communicate how our client relationships work in practice. Please explore these more detailed explanations to see how we may be able to help you.