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Powerful microscope used for scientific research

Our charity: Gillies McIndoe Research Institute

Dr Swee Tan ONZM and his team at the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute (GMRI) in Newtown are doing some amazing work. GMRI is undertaking pioneering cancer stem cell research that has the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment.

Research by GMRI scientists has led to the development of a novel cancer treatment using existing off-patent oral medications. If proven effective, the repurposing of these generic drugs will reduce the need for additional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery and make cancer treatment more accessible and markedly reduce its cost. This will be of particular benefit to those vulnerable communities who currently struggle to access healthcare services.

Clinical trials have begun already and no animal testing is involved. GMRI is working directly with terminally ill New Zealanders to make dramatic change. While it's still early days the indications are good.

GMRI relies almost entirely on private donations to fund its work, including the clinical trials. It needs $4 million per year for the next four years to complete trials on four different cancer types.

At Bloomsbury Associates, we think that this sort of transformational endeavour is worth supporting. Help us to help this unique research facility achieve its aim of making non invasive and affordable cancer treatment a reality.

You can help by donating here. We particularly seek individuals, families and businesses who can contribute $500 or more per month toward this incredible project.

Find out more about the research that GMRI is undertaking or get in touch with us to learn more.

Take a tour of the GMRI’s laboratory facilities

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