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Audience members delighted by the Contact Festival Playground at the New Zealand Festival - photo by Matt Grace

Our arts charity: New Zealand Festival of the Arts

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Executive Director Meg Williams, Creative Director Marnie Karmileta and their team create transformative festivals and experiences. The artistic, social and economic impacts of the New Zealand Festival of the Arts are significant. In 2018 more than 308,000 people experienced and enjoyed the Festival's free and ticketed events.

Through our role as Patron Partner, we want to empower the Festival to build on this magnificent platform and continue to present the world's greatest artistic talent in both a dynamic and accessible way.

New Zealand Festival - BSC - photo by Jeff McEwan

For every $1 the Festival makes in ticket sales, they need to raise another $2 so that ticket prices can be more affordable for more people. Whether you are a family, a duo, a solo, new to giving, or an arts backer already, we invite you to join the Festival family.

We believe that all New Zealanders deserve the right to experience the world's best art, right here in Wellington.

You can support New Zealand Festival of the Arts by joining their regular giving programme - The Culture Club - from just $5 a month.

New Zealand Festival - Le Grand Continental dancers - photo by Matt Grace

As part of the Culture Club you'll get access to tickets ahead of the crowd, behind the scenes experiences and more...

Moreover, you could deepen your connection further by joining their inner circle as a Festival Patron and for your support receive exclusive perks such as the inside scoop on the programme, preferential booking period, priority seating and personalised ticketing and service from the Festival team.

As Patron Partner we will host Festival Patron events and look forward to welcoming you on board.

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