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Philanthropic giving

Many of our clients have chosen charitable causes they want to support. Some clients are confident about how and when they donate. However others need advice. We recognise that planning for philanthropy can be challenging.

The questions people often want answered are:

  • Can I afford to give?
  • What is the best giving mechanism for me?
  • When should I give?
  • How much should I give?
  • What am I trying to change?
  • How do I choose which organisation to give to?
  • How to I ensure my contributions will have an impact?
  • How do I get feedback that my contributions are valued and worthwhile?
  • Can I be more engaged with charities?
  • Can I remain anonymous?

We are passionate about philanthropy and can work with you on the whole journey to organised philanthropic giving. We explore your values and aims to provide clarity on the questions above.

We look at your investments to determine if you can afford to give and if so, how much and when. We look at the best way for you to give, such as direct donations, volunteering your time and/or expertise, establishing a private foundation, or setting up a donor advised fund.

We can work with our expert philanthropic partners to explore what areas or sectors are most meaningful to you and what you want to change. We can co-ordinate research into the entities or people within those sectors and how you can make a real positive impact. We can look at whether you want hands-on involvement or give a one-off earmarked donation or have active communications with the CEO or Board.

We can ensure your identity is protected from the organisations you support, if that is what you want.

More about philanthropy - ours and yours

Powerful microscope used for scientific research

Our charity: GMRI

GMRI is undertaking pioneering cancer stem cell research that has the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment. We think that this sort of transformational endeavour is worth supporting. Help us to help this unique research facility achieve its aim of making non-invasive and affordable cancer treatment a reality. Read more about our charity: GMRI

Audience members delighted by the Contact Festival Playground at the New Zealand Festival - photo by Matt Grace

Our arts charity: NZ Festival of the Arts

We are proud to be the inaugural Patron Partner of the New Zealand Festival of the Arts. Our hope is through philanthropy to have an impact on the arts and for our clients to experience well-being through the awe and wonder of culture and creativity spanning all art forms. Join us. Read more about philanthropic giving

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Your charity: donor advised funds

We help our clients help others. For those who want a more structured approach to giving, we can set up a 'donor advised fund'. The fund is a tax-free investment portfolio that is managed alongside your other investments but is dedicated to charitable contributions. Read more about your charity: donor advised funds

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Philanthropy in New Zealand

As part of our desire to inspire and educate future philanthropists, and show you what is possible, we have produced a short video. It's a snapshot of several exciting projects - just a wee taster of the hundreds of wonderful philanthropic projects around New Zealand. Read more about philanthropy in New Zealand

Our other services

Financial planner with spreadsheets and graphs behind a stack of money

Financial planning

We can help plan your financial future, protecting your family and independence. We advise across a number of different areas of financial planning. To each of these, we bring our expert and personal approach. Read more about financial planning

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Wealth management

Together our experts can safeguard your wealth and make it work for you - based on expert advice, a relationship of mutual trust, a full range of investment choices, and a safe and transparent process of decision-making. Read more about wealth management

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Ethical investing

We research ethical investment opportunities that involve socially responsible industries with sustainable business practices without unduly compromising your financial needs. Read more about ethical investing