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Financial planning

Our network of experts help plan your financial future, protecting your family and independence.

At Bloomsbury Associates, we advise across a number of different areas of financial planning. To each of these, we bring our expert and personal approach.

Planning for your key financial areas


A full range of investment options, spanning domestic and international solutions for investors of all levels of sophistication and comfort.


Most people would agree that retirement is done best when it is well planned-for. We help evaluate your retirement goals and craft tailored solutions for you.


For clients with significant cash holdings we have a special service offering ease of access and best rates across a wide range of banks and deposit issuers.


We offer advice across both restricted-access and publicly available schemes, for you and your wider family.

Wealth Protection

We coordinate protection and insurance for your assets if needed.


Strategies and investments all considered on an after-tax, net returns basis.

Estate Planning

Many people have a high degree of concern about providing for their loved ones. We help to navigate this process well, to bring you peace of mind.

Our process

We pride ourselves on having a clear, transparent process that allows for wise investment, careful decision-making, and good communication with clients at every stage. After a Discovery Meeting in which we have a no-obligation conversation to understand your position, we move through investment planning, mutual commitment, and expert input to craft your tailored plan, with regular progress reports along the way. Have a look at Our process for more information.

See Wealth management for an overview of our values and approach.

Our other services

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Wealth management

Together our experts can safeguard your wealth and make it work for you - based on expert advice, a relationship of mutual trust, a full range of investment choices, and a safe and transparent process of decision-making. Read more about wealth management

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Philanthropic giving

Many of our clients have chosen causes they want to support. We offer a service whereby we can tailor that support for you such as a named legacy, a scholarship or active participation in a charity. Read more about philanthropic giving

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Ethical investing

We research ethical investment opportunities that involve socially responsible industries with sustainable business practices without unduly compromising your financial needs. Read more about ethical investing