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What we do

We help private investors, families and charities to obtain their future goals with confidence.

We know that wealth is about a lot more than money. We enable our clients to live their lives to the fullest, focus on loved ones and contribute to the causes they care about.

Most of our clients have a reasonably clear idea of what they want for their future, whether it be assisting children through university, buying a holiday home, creating a charity legacy, enjoying an early retirement or leaving behind inheritance for loved ones.

Achieving these goals relies on making the right financial decisions at the right time, over the short and long term. This is where Bloomsbury Associates come in.

We take the time to understand what you want in life and what is most important to you. We then provide you with best practice wealth management solutions so you can enjoy life without stressing about your investments.

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Our process

We have a clear, structured process that we undertake with you.

Step 1

Discovery meeting

We meet with you to fully understand your life goals, needs and wants. This is a two-way process to ensure that we want to work with each other.

Step 2

Investment plan meeting

We present a detailed investment plan for your consideration.

Step 3

Mutual commitment meeting

We commit to working together in partnership to achieve your goals with confidence.

Step 4

Expert network evaluation

Our specialist team of carefully selected professionals evaluates your situation to devise comprehensive solutions to meet your wider needs.

Step 5

Progress updates

We have regular collaborative meetings with you to review progress. If your circumstances or aspirations change, then so can the plan.

Take the first steps to financial freedom and contact us for a no-obligation consultation. And when we say 'no obligation', we mean it. If, after meeting us, you decide we're not for you, then no problem at all, we'll do our best to put you in touch with someone better placed to help. We like to forge long term partnerships with clients based on mutual trust so we need to be each other's best fit.

Our services

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Financial planning

We can help plan your financial future, protecting your family and independence. We advise across a number of different areas of financial planning. To each of these, we bring our expert and personal approach. Read more about financial planning

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Wealth management

Together our experts can safeguard your wealth and make it work for you - based on expert advice, a relationship of mutual trust, a full range of investment choices, and a safe and transparent process of decision-making. Read more about wealth management

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Philanthropic giving

Many of our clients have chosen causes they want to support. We offer a service whereby we can tailor that support for you such as a named legacy, a scholarship or active participation in a charity. Read more about philanthropic giving

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Ethical investing

We research ethical investment opportunities that involve socially responsible industries with sustainable business practices without unduly compromising your financial needs. Read more about ethical investing

What sets us apart

We listen and understand

We take the time to find out exactly what is most important to you: your life aspirations, motivations, needs and wants. Only then do we craft a personalised strategy. We continue to consult and to understand any changing goals: this is a longterm partnership based on mutual trust.

We meet global standards of excellence

We are the only advisers in Wellington to be certified by the Centre of Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), an independent global assessment and certification organisation.

We operate with professional care

Our investment strategy is evidence-based. We invest carefully, and wisely, for the longer term, basing our strategy on well-established facts.

We work alongside the best external specialists to ensure we offer you the most up-to-date, first class network of knowledge. We can also work alongside your own professionals for seamless management of your financial needs.

We offer advice with impartial clarity

We have no conflicts of interest when it comes to your investments. No-one else pays us to tell you where you should invest your money so we are able to provide highly tailored solutions.