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We asked our clients what they thought of us and our approach in working together. This is a collection of the testimonials we received - short quotes about us, written by our clients.

Philip gives me confidence that I'm moving in the right direction financially.

I would definitely recommend Bloomsbury to others who are looking to make sound financial investments with regular consultation to suit your evolving needs.

Designer, Wellington

After my retirement and the sale of a small business, I felt compelled to secure my financial future. I explored several avenues but kept coming back to my first meeting with Phil and remembered his empathy and humanity, his patience and generosity, his professionalism and breadth of knowledge and experience and finally the confidence and trust he had inspired in me.

Bloomsbury Associates have that unique combination of professionalism, (financial expertise and experience, which generates trust) and that essential personal touch which makes me as a client feel valued.

Bloomsbury Associates has achieved a financial portfolio and peace of mind regarding my financial security for a significant period of time.

Bloomsbury Associates invite confidence and do not create a divide between service provider and client the way other financial services tend to do.

With other investment services I was always conscious of money and business profits being first priority ahead of the client. With Bloomsbury it's more a win/win situation.

Julie Brown, Wellington

I chose Bloomsbury because I was interested in placing funds in passive investment products, in which Bloomsbury had broad experience and knowhow.

I have found Bloomsbury very responsive to my investment objectives, taking the time to listen, to consider carefully how to meet those objectives, and then working with me to put appropriate investments in place.

Being a client of Bloomsbury has given me confidence that my investments are being professionally managed and, with that, peace of mind. They offer personalised service, easy access to reports and other relevant information.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bloomsbury to investors wanting sound advice on cost-effective options based on the client's actual needs and profile.

I have been a client of Bloomsbury for more than six years now, which speaks for itself.

Client, Auckland

Bloomsbury Associates is a professional, engaging, wide, well-informed and warm advisory service.

Philip and Angie helped us explore and confirm our retirement goals and develop a plan to achieve these.

Bloomsbury Associates is small and very client focused and show genuine care and warmth for their clients.

I would absolutely recommend Bloomsbury and we already have. We would only do this if we felt absolutely confident in Bloomsbury's approach. And we do!

Consultant and Project Director, Wellington

I am a doctor and work long hours. I don't want to spend my spare time researching investments, but rather leave it to a professional, who knows what he's doing. Philip gives me the peace of mind that my hard earned money is invested in the best possible way for me. It is all about a long-term cooperation.

Philip has an individualised approach. I also like the fact that he has advised me to do things that are best for me but might actually decrease his business (eg withdrawing money once buying a house).

I would absolutely 100% recommend Bloomsbury Associates to others.

Dr Joe Dieterle, Wellington

I knew I needed a financial advisor to help me save/invest for my retirement once I'd paid off my mortgage, so I met with a couple of firms, including Bloomsbury Associates. I really liked the idea of getting a personalised plan just for me, and their "passive" investment strategies also made a whole lot of sense. I'm a saver like my parents were, and I just wanted someone to help me do the best possible job of saving and investing those savings. It seemed to me that Bloomsbury Associates would be ideal.

Bloomsbury Associates takes a common-sense and evidence-based approach to investing, and has provided me with a personalised and tailor-made ethical investment plan which will enable me to reach my financial goals. The broad-based portfolio and the ability for me to choose the level of risk I'm comfortable with, means I feel financially safe and secure.

I did the Sorted website questionnaire years ago, and it told me that I needed to continue saving the same amount once I'd finished paying off my mortgage, and that I could ensure a comfortable retirement if I did that. Bloomsbury has provided me with a framework that ensures I put aside a set amount each month – and together we've worked out a plan for how we're going to invest it. It's brilliant.

I feel safe and secure knowing that every month I am getting closer to reaching my financial goals, and that my money is being invested wisely and prudently in a broad-based portfolio. It means I don't have to worry about my financial future at all.

Phil dedicated a considerable amount of time to me. He's like that. He makes an effort, and follows up on stuff, and checks up with you to see how things are going. Things like that make a real difference to me. I think it shows dedication, commitment and integrity. I also really like the fact that Bloomsbury's portfolio options include ethical investing.

I would recommend Bloomsbury to others and in fact I already have. I really like Bloomsbury's small-scale, personalised approach and I'm very happy with the way my portfolio is performing.

Ali, Wellington

Bloomsbury Associates is professional, approachable, committed, transparent.

Bloomsbury Associates has given us peace of mind that all our investments are being managed in 'one place'.


I've saved more money than I have ever managed before without changing my lifestyle.

Doctor, Auckland

Bloomsbury Associates is much more than just a financial advisor. We were impressed with the way our financial position and requirements were assessed and the amount of research done. The discussion around long-term goals was very important and provided clarity for us, more so than any other adviser we had spoken to.

Business Analyst

Bloomsbury Associates are honest, trust-worthy, hard-working and relatable - everything I would look for in a financial advisory service.

Bloomsbury is led by someone who is incredibly honest and open about the pitfalls and the dangers. Philip is straight-talking and never tried to pull the wool over my eyes.

There are so many stories in the media about elderly people being fleeced of their savings. I'd always felt quite distrustful because of this. However the advice I got was very sound and I felt like I was in safe hands.

Anna Dean, Director Double Denim Ltd

Bloomsbury Associates has spread my investment risk and taken away the day to day task of managing family money.

Client, Wellington

We feel like we are in very safe hands with Bloomsbury Associates.

Being with Bloomsbury Associates has meant we have a clear retirement savings plan and are more in control of our future.

Bloomsbury Associates have taken the time to get to know us, and what is important for us. We have meetings and follow up as regularly as we want and get regular reporting on our position as well as global economic conditions and outlook.

While Bloomsbury provide excellent advice, our plan has been directed by us. Bloomsbury Associates provide suggestions, such as ethical investment options, and actively look for ways to add to or improve our plan. These things mean that our plan is evolving to suit us.

We have no hesitation to recommend Bloomsbury Associates to people who want to plan for the future and who are looking for professional, personalised advice.

Jo and Mark, Wellington

Philip is helpful, easy to deal with and works for your benefit.

Bloomsbury Associates work for you personally, you are not a number!

Sue, Wellington

With Bloomsbury we have achieved a good return on investment and peace of mind that our investments are looked after with care and attention.

We enjoy the professional approach to managing our portfolio. As first-time investors we feel that we are treated with respect and we are not taken for granted.

Phil is very good at explaining the why's and how's of investing, particularly in respect of taking a long-term view to the portfolio – shares go up and come down. No need to panic.

T & W Muller, Wellington

The Gift Trust takes the uncertainty out of giving. Having support with research and due diligence on donations ensures that funds are truly making the desired impact.

Ben, Gift Trust donor

Bloomsbury Associates are competent, professional and always a pleasure to deal with.

Our funds have been well managed and we feel that we are in good hands for future growth. As important, we always feel as though the reports we get are honest, even when there have been market downturns that have affected our position. The level of honesty is truly appreciated.

We would recommend Bloomsbury for their professional, friendly and honest service.

Stuart, Wellington

My gift account has made my giving easy. It lets me get straight to the fun and satisfying part of giving to the causes I care about, without the hassle.

Anake, Gift Trust donor

Bloomsbury Associates is a local investment service provider that has achieved excellent results and delivers concise investment advice and personal service.

I have achieved attractive performances from the portfolios with which I am involved.

I would recommend Bloomsbury Associates to others as Phil is very approachable and has achieved very good results.

Client, Wellington

Bloomsbury Associates is professional, friendly and has been the best performing investment across my portfolio.

Nicholas Sutherland, Wellington

Bloomsbury are totally focussed on their clients, and always do what they say they will, with a personal touch you don't get from bigger firms.

They offer a more personalised service that really considers what you are looking to achieve, and then structures advice accordingly.

Bloomsbury have enabled us to grow our money while we were overseas, putting us in a much better position to buy a family home on our return than we would have otherwise been. We have already recommended them to others, and will continue to do so.

Dan, Wellington

Bloomsbury Associates are down to earth, honest, professional and very easy to deal with, and I would recommend them to others for those reasons.

Being a client of Bloomsbury Associates has led to a better understanding of our investment options and the development of a strategy. We now have a feeling of relative security that our money is being well managed and looked after, and that we have a plan for the future.

Brenda, Auckland