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Real story Growing estate for heirs

Mary and William* are in their late 70s with adult children and grandchildren. William is a retired business executive and Mary was a GP but gave up work to raise their family.

Financial situation

The couple is debt-free and own a $700,000 family home and $800,000 holiday home. They have private equity investments of $1 million and a broker portfolio of shares and bonds of $25 million. Their children are in their 40's, professionally established and are financially secure, partially through assistance given by their parents to fund education and housing.

Lifestyle goals

William and Mary want to maintain and grow their family wealth and success.

How Bloomsbury helped

William wanted to retain control of some investments as he loves the process of investing. He decided to delegate 75% of investment assets to ensure that family and estate are properly catered to should something happen to him or he makes a bad investment decision.

We developed a smart, well-planned portfolio established for "family wealth" to ensure enduring stability of that 75%. We also established a separate portfolio for the remaining 25% that can be facilitated alongside the main portfolio. This administratively simplifies matters but allows William to retain control for his own decision-making without jeopardising wider family affairs.

We were able to increase the expected returns from the managed portfolio by over $200,000 per annum. We engaged specialist lawyers to ensure that the couple's legal and estate affairs were all in order and correct entity structures used.


The financial burden and stress has been reduced for William and he can now get on with having fun with some of his investments without 100% responsibility.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy

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