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Real story Retirement full of 'work' and play

Martin and Carolyn* are in their early 50s with no children. They have an extremely busy working life as Martin is a surgeon and Carolyn is a GP.

Current financial situation

The couple earns an annual income of more than $1 million. They are debt free and own a $2 million family home along with a $600,000 rental property and business premises worth $500,000. They have private medical superannuation worth $300,000 and a DIY portfolio of low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) worth $1.5 million. They have regular annual savings of $240,000.

Future lifestyle goals

The couple is financially able to retire by 60 but has no intention to do so as they love their work. They are philanthropically minded and fund scholarships for local students and have aspirations to perform charitable medical work abroad. They have a great love of travel and when not at work, are travelling overseas.

How Bloomsbury helped

Initially Martin and Carolyn were very hesitant about trusting us as financial advisers as they had encountered poor advice in the past.

However, after we demonstrated to them our expertise, we were able to consolidate and update their investments, which had been well researched when set up five years ago, but neglected due to work commitments.

We were able to increase the expected returns from their investments by $24,000 per annum.


After their initial hesitancy, the couple is now very happy with how we transformed their original good portfolio into a great portfolio with smart, ethical investments.

Martin and Carolyn are confident that they have delegated their investments to the right people and are focused on continuing to excel professionally, work hard, and relax and travel during any down time. They will have the freedom in the future to enjoy 'retirement' in whichever form they choose.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy

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