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Global best practice - CEFEX

Bloomsbury Associates is proud to be the first financial adviser practice in Wellington to be independently audited and certified according to global best practice standards.

CEFEX (Centre for Fiduciary Excellence) is an independent global assessment and certification organisation. It assesses professional financial advisors to improve risk management for investors.

CEFEX Public Certification Report

Our CEFEX certification means we exceed minimum regulatory standards, have high standards of global fiduciary best practice and place our clients' interests first.

In other words, we always act in the best interest of our clients and our clients can have peace of mind that their investments are secure. CEFEX certification is proof of the strong integrity of Bloomsbury Associates.

CEFEX independent expert analysts audit us every year. This verifies our adherence to standards, ensures our transparency and accountability, and also ensures we are up-to-the-minute with global best practice.

What our CEFEX certification means

CEFEX certification determines that we:

  • Know standards, laws and trust provisions
  • Diversify assets to specific risk/return profile of our clients
  • Prepare an investment policy statement
  • Use prudent experts and document due diligence
  • Control and account for investment expenses
  • Monitor the activities of prudent experts
  • Avoid prohibited transactions and avoid or manage conflicts of interest in favour of our clients.

You are welcome to view our Public Certification Report (PDF, 66KB) showing the assessment criteria on which Bloomsbury Associates is audited annually in order to maintain our certification.

NASDAQ video

Blaine Aikin, Executive Chairman of CEFEX, describes the standards that CEFEX-certified firms must adhere to.