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The product offering of Bloomsbury is a major leap forward for the NZ investment scene. It enables investors to achieve an appropriate return for the risk profile and, most importantly, to do so at low cost.

- Former colleague and private client sharebroker

This makes saving and investing really easy. As a busy surgeon I don't have time to do my own investing or even to work out where I need to be with my savings. Phil takes all the hassle away for me and lets me spend the spare time that I have doing the things that I enjoy. I get a phone call if there are any major decisions to review, and it's all online for me to look at whenever I want to check up on things.

- Client

I do not personally recommend stock-picking or portfolios heavily weighted to New Zealand equities. It is hard for even the professionals to get stock picking right as there is insufficient visibility into how public companies are run. In addition, governance of public companies struggles to adequately align management with shareholder interests. The Bloomsbury approach of high quality fixed interest coupled with diversified passive funds for equity exposure is a smarter solution than that offered by many sharebrokers and financial planners in New Zealand.

- Former colleague & investment banker

I work long hours in the medical industry and I didn't think that the investment services typically offered to women in my position were very good. Everything offered was based around some guy thinking that he was naturally more cunning than the next guy. That's pretty unsustainable, and in fact mostly just wrong. Bloomsbury's approach works because it is sensible and is backed by proper academic thinking. It is just common sense for someone like me.

- Client

Phil has a full understanding and appreciation of the investment markets. He operates with integrity and ability, and I have personally recommended him to my friends and family.

- Former colleague & banker

Trust is important. I value robust advice and I want to be convinced that I am receiving a quality service. Bloomsbury's approach is refreshing and it ticks those boxes. It is quite different from what others offer.

- Client

I am able to use my funds in solid fixed interest to supplement my income to provide extra to meet outgoings that would otherwise eat into my income - eg insurance on property and household, vehicle insurance and registration, rates on property. All this has proved advantageous to myself and allows freedom of access to any funds that I may find necessary in the future.

I recommend Philip to any potential clients.

- Client

We are not professional investors and rely heavily on a good service. [The secure] website being the most helpful information with respect to our investments, plus the regular updates from Philip and any new investment he has to pass on.

Very happy customers.

- Client